About Baz ‘n’ Snags

Baz ‘n’ Snags is an independent Aussie webseries about a bloke and his lovable sausage dog. Together they go on adventures and overcome challenges while taking care of Grandpop‚Äôs farm.

With the pilot episode currently in pre-production, the series will feature real Australian life and values to the backdrop of beautiful landscapes and wildlife, while using puppets to connect to a broad and diverse range of people, no matter what their age or background.

The story will follow the adventures of Baz and Snags as they learn about life on a farm after they have to take over Grandpop’s farm when he injured his hip. Baz was originally working for his father in the city, but didn’t mind the move to the countryside after he found out his father wasn’t the “true blue” businessman he thought he was. On their journey, the meet a whole cast of family, friends, pets and animals (both puppets and non-puppets), such as the cooky grandmother, the wise but annoying cokatoo, Raeleen – Grandpop’s nurse and Baz’s love interest, and many more.

The creator of the series, Marianne Mettes, joined creative forces with her brother, Jonathan Mettes (puppeteer and web guy), and her partner, Pete Butz (filmmaker and editor), in mid-2012. Together they created the main characters, theme song, intro sequence to the show and film clip.

Currently, the team is in pre-production to create the pilot episode during the start of 2013. All we need now is for you to join the Baz ‘n’ Snags family to be part of something great, something honest that highlights real Australian life and just something that’s going to have as much comedy as possible! You can help by promoting the project by sharing it with your family and friends on your social networks or even by getting involved in their crowd funding campaign on Pozible. By contributing to the campaign, you not only get a bunch of awesome and exclusive rewards and memorabilia, but you will also be acknowledged as an important person on our website that helped make this project come alive.

We’re not after any money for ourselves, but just want a little bit of funding to get us back up to our friends’ Chantel and Jason’s sheep farm in Queensland and able us to create more puppets, backdrops, props and sets to make the first episode as good as it can possibly be!


Meet the makers

Marianne Mettes

Creator and main driving force behind Baz ‘n’ Snags. She builds the puppets, and puppeteers Baz. She runs PuppetOOdle with her brother, Jonathan. Marianne has a not-so-secret obsession with the colour pink.

Jonathan Mettes

Puppeteers Snags the dog, makes music for the show and made the website. Jonathan likes making guitars out of planks of wood – you can read about it on his blog.

Pete Butz

Cameraman, video editor and director to the show. He runs his own film/TV business, Cry Havoc Media. He doesn’t like chocolate.

Marion Mettes

Creative consultant, costume design & dressmaker, crew member, assistant puppet maker. She’s a French teacher, and drum & dance choreographer.

Ben Mettes

Crew member and music assistant. He’s a writer and policy developer.